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Soya-bean Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Soya-bean - Essay Example However, now doubts have been raised by scientists, doctors and nutritionists that soy is not that healthy after all and that soy poses special health risk A very interesting account of the historical travel of the soy plant in the Western world has been documented by Hymowitz (1990). While his idea that the soy plant was a saviour, or manna from heaven itself, for many people can be and is subjected to much debate, the historical account of the origin of the plant is well worth a read. Soya bean is a gift to the new world from the ancient oriental (Chinese , Japanese civilization). Before we take up the issue of the actual debate of the nutrient value and the positive and negative effects of this miracle plant, it would be worthwhile to have a brief glimpse into the origin and historical path travelled by it. Recorded history traces of its origin dates back to 2838 BC in China and to 6th century in Japan. Ibn Europe the records show an introduction of the plant as late as the 17th century , with America eventually catching up. Nonetheless, the USA produces one-third of the world's supply and indeed has seen a rise in the actual sales of soy product by nearly 3 times in the past decade. Like most legumes and beans, soy bean... Interestingly they also contain a high proportion of fat, however since this is mostly unsaturated fat, the effects of such lipid forms are mostly beneficial for an individual. However it is important to address that this nutrient content profile is applicable to Whole Foods and not Supplements. Much of the research to date has examined dietary soy in the form of whole foods such as tofu, "soymilk," or as soy protein added to foods, and the public health community mostly concurs that these whole foods can be worthwhile additions to a healthy diet. The recently raised concerns, however, focus on specific components of soy, such as the soy isoflavones daidzein and genistein, not the whole food or intact soy protein. In this respct we need to understand the nutrient content of soy been at the micronutrient level. This is also important since there has been an increase in chemicals, available over the counter in pills and powders, which are both, advertised and marketed as dietary supplements for use by women to help lessen menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. While it may be possible that soy bean, in whole food has some efficacy for improving a lot of diseased condition, it is imperative to understand that teasing out individual chemicals would not be a good practice. This problem has been very accurately summarised by Wood; "There are probably hundreds of protective compounds in soy [foods]. It's just too big a leap to assume that a pill could do the same thing" (Woods, 2000). The need to exercise caution hence is clear and care must be taken in hailing soy as the food that can do only good. Nonetheless, there is much effect in the literature which supports the increased prevalence of soy bean as a health food. C Soybean as Food While not every form

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Corporate Social Responsibility for Multi-national Organizations Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility for Multi-national Organizations - Essay Example Companies like GE, BP, Starbucks, Dell, Pfizer, and Apple are loved and hated by many people for many different reasons (Colvin, 2006). However, none of these companies can afford their brand name and image to be tarnished in any way. Undoubtedly, we are living in the information age and even rumors about a company’s suppliers maltreating employees in China, or the company’s employees facing racial as well as gender based discrimination can have real effects on the bottom line of the company. Even though it is possible for a company to be appreciated based on its financial performance alone (Forbes, 2005), greater appreciation comes with social responsibility along with financial performance (Natural Health, 2005). The combination of these two forces means that a company has to be extremely careful in maintaining its image as well as its profits. Social responsibility is not merely an idea for exceeding the ethical responsibility of a company; it is the chance to seek out an image that has remained exclusively in the domain of NGOs and social organizations i.e. being a ‘green’ company. While this implies being environmentally friendly, the environment includes a lot more than making sure that the smokestacks of the industry do not create more than an acceptable level of pollution. In the context of social responsibility, the environment also includes the business environment of the company including who supplies material to the firm and who buys its products. Strangely enough, GE has been rated as the most admired company in America (Fisher, 2006) as well as the world (Demos, 2006) yet it has only published two corporate responsibility reports in all its existence. The first one was published in 2005 and the second one was published this year (GE, 2006). Considering that several other companies have been publishing such reports since 1995,

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River Journey In Brazil :: essays research papers

Dear Irene, I would first like to thank you, for encouraging me to enter the competition and I could not believe that I won. As soon as they called out my name on the radio, I went running around my house, crazy, jumping up and down on my small bed, which I think I ruined the springs in it. Although it’s a pity you could not come with me, because the fact is that I had a spectacular holiday. There was a variety of choices on where to go, but none of them interests me except for one that I have not tried yet, and that was ‘Rafts and river journeys’ in the Amazon river, Brazil. I have never, in my life, experienced river journeys and I heard it could be a lot of fun and dangerous so I can face my fears. My best friend, Mike, and I went on a first class ticket in Brasilia Airlines that was very comfortable for a six-hour trip. As we landed on the capital of Brazil, Brasilia we didn’t imagine that this city can be strikingly beautiful, and fortunately is a lot better than Jeddah. We then met our raft experts in the airport. They were both female, which was really unexpected, because the experts are usually male, well one of them is called Joila and the other one’s called Lavita, I find Lavita very attractive. She had a tall, fit body, long blonde hair and a face more beautiful than Cindy Crawford. They took us to the city. The city had unspoiled landscapes, different types of antique markets around a distinctive building, there were several skyscrapers in the middle of the city, but that didn’t spoil the scenery, if you were in the middle of the city you would see lime-green mountains at a very long distance. They drove us to their camp, which was far out of the c ity and nearby the Amazon River. The campsite was in a charming location, along the campsite was pale green bushes around the campsite, caravans just beside the entrance was very big because it is used for their office, a small lake can be seen just a few hundred metres beside the camp for us to practice, there is an exotic view if you looked on top of the small hill, it was as if you were on top of the world. Lavita firstly showed us to our small white caravans for us to unpack.

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Case Study: Chrysler-Fiat Partnership Essay

When America’s economical crisis reached its apex, domestic car manufacturers were at the forefront of struggling industries, and Chrysler was one of the hardest hit (Car and Driver, 2008). In 2008 the automotive giant, along with fellow industry stalwart General Motors, received a $17.4-billion reprieve from the American Government to keep from closing its doors altogether (Car and Driver). Chrysler did lose a lot of respectability, and was ordered to cease and desist with any new product development until the company proved it could be a viable business (Gluckman & Kurczewski, 2009). However, the loan from the government proved to still not be enough to get Chrysler back on its feet, and in 2009 the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (Groth, 2011). Fiat faced its own organizational struggles in 2003-2004 before new CEO Sergio Marchionne led the Italian automotive manufacturer back to respectability (Gluckman & Kurczewski). Still, after watching European car sales fall to a 17 year low and needing a boost to his company’s revenue, Marchionne saw the Chrysler situation as a way to get into the American market (The Economist, 2013). Objectives Sought by Each Partner: Chrysler’s objectives in the partnership with Fiat were pretty simple: it needed a financial boost to maintain its place in the industry and new technology if it wanted to grow and advance (Marrs, 2009). After egregiously unsuccessful partnerships with Daimler-Benz and Cerberus Management Group and a multi-billion dollar loan from the American Government ended with Chrysler filing for bankruptcy, the company was in desperate need of a method to regain viability (Marrs; Krisher & Strumpf, 2009; Gluckman & Kurczewski, 2009). Although Chrysler received no money in the deal, it will emerge as a new, leaner group minus billions in debt, 789 underperforming dealerships, and burdensome labor costs, not to mention gaining Fiat’s  technology to build new environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, high-quality vehicles (Krisher & Strumpf). Fiat’s objective in the partnership was to provide a financial boost to its own company without accumulating additional debt (Ebhardt, 2013). Fiat, Italy’s largest auto manufacturer, would like to expand its market to become a global competitor. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne believes that to compete with General Motors, Volkswagen, and Toyota, the merged Fiat-Chrysler will need to produce 5.5-6 million cars a year, compared to its current output of 4.1 million (The Economist, 2013). Basis of Dialogue Leading to the Partnership: The basis of a dialogue leading to a potential partnership was the concept of a mutually beneficial situation for all parties involved (Cox, 2013). Fiat has the capital, new technologies to develop high-efficiency cars, and reverence from Ferrari and Maserati fans that will allow Chrysler to regain its place among top domestic auto manufacturers in the United States (Groth, 2013). Fiat will share with Chrysler its platforms and powertrain technology, including engines, transmissions, and fuel-saving technology (Gluckman & Kurczewski, 2009). Through Fiat, Chrysler will also get better distribution of its products in Europe, India, Brazil and China (Gluckman & Kurczewski). Chrysler is the 3rd-largest U.S. auto company and is a trusted brand with the international appeal, customer base, and facilities that will allow Fiat to become a serious competitor in the global automotive manufacturing market (Groth). Chrysler was also in no position to be patient for an extended period of time. While its factories sat idled during the bankruptcy process, the automaker reportedly lost 100 million per day (Krisher & Strumpf, 2009). Steps Taken by Each Company: The partnership between Fiat and Chrysler, which is still an ongoing process, is being approached in phases. Initially Chrysler agreed to give Fiat a 35% holding in return for an influx of new engines and platforms, research and development, and help retooling its plants (Marrs, 2009). This approach allowed both organizations to ease into the partnership, without either side immediately taking on too much debt or risk (Cox, 2013). Analysts were not  able to exactly predict the partnership between Fiat and Chrysler. In fact, Chrysler was in talks with General Motors before both companies began to experience serious financial hardships (Gluckman & Kurczewski, 2009). Looking to avoid the management mistakes that doomed Chrysler’s partnerships with Daimler and Cerberus, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has made it clear that Fiat/Chrysler will run as one company (Trujillo, 2013). As Mr. Marchionne announced at a media briefing, â€Å"This management team spends their time traveling and making decisions, but this thing runs as one house. There is no question about who runs what; I run one company† (Vlasic, 2013, pp. 4).

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War On Drugs A Comparative Analysis Of Human Rights...

Hermione Dorce Richard Stahler-Sholk PLSC 367 07 April 2016 War on drugs or a war on people ? A comparative analysis of human rights violation in Latin America Ever since the War on Drugs campaign began there has been a more complex relationship between the U.S and Latin America. While the media portrays the U.S as providing aid to Latin America to combat such issues, the U.S is also seen as a victim in the war on drugs. Over the course of the war on drugs numerous human rights violations have been reported. In some Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Colombia, the U.S military and economic aid involvement contributes to human rights violations while creating and guaranteeing new spaces of investment for large private†¦show more content†¦Eventually this led to the empowerment of the Mexican drug cartels in the 1990s. In some countries drug trafficking has become a family tradition. In Mexico drug trafficking is so ingrained in the culture that there is genre of music that celebrates trafficking called narcocorridos. A drug cartel is generally defined as any organization that promotes, controls, or is significantly involved in drug trafficking (Drug Cartels and Organized Crimes).The influential drug cartels are highly organized criminal groups that control the drug trafficking from Colombia and countries south of the United States border. â€Å"The majority of the cartel s weapons and cash have been smuggled in from the United States†(Truthloader). Cartel crimes are beyond drug trafficking as they conduct mass kidnappings, extortion, steal from oil industries, auto theft, and other crimes in which they are often referred to as militias or terrorists(Truthloader). Distinguishing between the cartels and the police is not always an easy task because corruption is riffed (Truthloader)). Many people who have fought against the cartels end up working for them. Several journalists have lost their lives or been bought off which leads to a weakened media which cannot always report on the cartel (Tr uthloader). The violence does not stop there as an estimated 61 human rights workers have been killed in the last five years. Cartels also have employed child soldiers, many

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Should Women Serve in the Military - 1989 Words

Topic: Should women serve in the military? The essence of war is not good. During the WWI, more than ten million dead and tens of millions disabled; cities, villages, roads, bridges, factories were destroyed. The amount of money for war costs up to about eighty four billion dollars [9]. The fate of those who faced a battle between life and death was questioned. The world was considering that was it worth to sacrifice that much? Especially, women played a big role in army and they have had to suffer after the war ended even. Today, women are more active and independent. They join many fields and keep high positions in companies. However, speaking of inducting in army, the problem is still lingering. The story still continues to decide†¦show more content†¦The second determinant of deciding whether women should induct to army is psychological aspects. Women are easily psychologically affected. It is hard for them to get used to blood or violent fighting. They may get scared when facing a partner who is bleeding and do not know what to do even though they are well trained. Moreover, it takes more time to train a female soldier familiar with fighting or combat. They could get clumsy whilst having real situation due to unstably psychology. This will affect not only herself but also her partners since military needs readiness while in actions. Another aspect is love. Women tend to be loved and like to be embraced. They are easily soft hearted facing something reminds them of family, lover or old memory. Sometimes, feelings can influence the others. For example, when seeing an injured enemy, a woman may feel merciful and worst, that will cost her killed. Last but not least, changing personalities or appearances negatively during process of military service can be considered. Decide if your hair is going to work for you while youre at Boot Camp. My hair was long and I wasnt about to fix my hair up in a bun every day. With the intense training I would have to fix my hair all of the time, especially with the sticklers the Drill Sergeants are about soldier representation. A soldier also told me that some of the female soldiersShow MoreRelatedWhy Women Should Be Drafted and Serve in the U.S. Military during War1291 Words   |  6 PagesSection #15654 April 22, 2013 Why Women Should be Drafted and Serve in the U.S. Military during Time of War Throughout time women have gone to war along-side their male counterparts without any question as to what role they couldn’t play but rather what contributions they brought with them. History shows that women have played a vital role in military combat and have been very successful filling any role that their male equivalent has played during combat. Military women have led armies into battle,Read MoreWhy Women Should Fight The Front Line1321 Words   |  6 PagesI Believe Women Should Be On The Front Line I believe women should fight side by side with men. I believe women are equal to men, there s only a physical difference but we are all the same. Women can do everything a man can. If women fight in the front line i think there would be less casualties than there right now. Although women should be fighting in front line in the military many believe they should not. More than 200,000 position will still be remain exclusive to men. women won t beRead MoreWomen As A Person s Gender1408 Words   |  6 PagesRobert Mau Ms. Strohlin U.S. History 10 May 2015 Women Serving In Combat The simple factor of a person’s gender, in some cases, restricts a person from having the chance to get the same opportunities as another gender. In The United States of America, the problem of women not even having the chance to receive the same opportunities as men, has become a growing problem. The Declaration of Independence, one of the documents that The United States of America was founded upon, says the words, â€Å"†¦AllRead MoreEssay Military Women Should NOT Be Allowed in Combat Positions1223 Words   |  5 Pagesfeelings in the United States that, as women are having more rights given to them that were previously restricted, women should be given everything that is offered to men. This is becoming very true in the military, where much sentiment is that women should be given the opportunity to serve in combat arms positions. Women are currently allowed to serve in combat support positions, such as military intelligence and air support positions, but they ar e not allowed to serve in positions such as infantry, armorRead MoreWomen Should Be Allowed For The Military Combat Just Like The Men1148 Words   |  5 PagesWoman should be allowed to serve in the military combat just like the men. The year 1994 was the year they banned women from being in military combat. Ever since January 2013 they have tried to find ways to lift the ban. In January 2016 they had to decide whether women should or should not be in combat. Women have performed in combat some have even died in defense of our county. The woman served regardless the problem. It was recommended by the marine corps to open up positions to women regardlessRead MoreEssay about Is the exclusion of women from frontline combat sexism?1103 Words   |  5 PagesExcluding women from frontline combat is essentially sexist. Regardless of the many substantial contributions women have made to the United States military from the American Revolutionary war to the contemporary Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it has long been a sanctuary of masculinity, which consequently, has resulted in the organization’s steadfast resistance against women’s direct martial participation. The opponents of women frontline combat argue that females are unable to execute the requiredRead MoreReasons to Not Allow Women in the Front Lines1775 Words   |  7 Pages200,000 plus women are on active duty for the military out of 1.4 million serving. Out of the 200,000, 2.7 percent of them make up the front line units (CNN). This is approximately 5,400 women that are enlisted and are f ighting on the front lines. This number is very low and should be much higher. This number represents the idea that the military believes women should not be on the front lines. Many people in society believe that what the military is doing is wrong and females should be able to fightRead MoreWomen Should Not Be Allowed For Military Combat1507 Words   |  7 PagesMany people believe that women should not be allowed to serve in military combat. This is ridiculous, as many women have achieved great military success throughout history. At first, women mainly served as nurses and sometimes as spies, as in the cases of Harriet Tubman and Mary Ludwig Hays. â€Å"Mary went to a nearby stream and repeatedly carried containers of water to the soldiers...she also carried wounded men to safety and took over firing her husband’s gun when he became wounded† (Worth 16). TubmanRead MoreWomen During World War II1508 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout American history, women have contr ibuted greatly to the war effort and military support of our troops. It began as early as the Revolutionary War when women followed their husbands to war out of necessity. Many served in military camps as laundresses, cooks, and nurses but only with permission from the commanding officers and only if they proved they were helpful (â€Å"Timeline: Women in the U.S. Military†). During World War II, more than 400,000 women served at home and abroad as mechanicsRead MoreNearly One-Fifth Of The U.S Military Is Female, However1319 Words   |  6 Pagesthe U.S military is female, however certain jobs are not eligible for women. Is it believed that women are not considered for front-line combat and Special Forces positions. Opponents argue that women are physically not capable of being effective for troops and would distract men making the military less effective. However women are fully capable of becoming troops the only thing holding them back is the stereotype that they are not physically capable of handing combat roles. Women in the military

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Significant Themes in Murmuring Judges by David Hare Essay

The purpose of this essay is to identify the significant themes in Murmuring Judges by David Hare and to show how these themes have been presented to the audience. David Hare graduated from Cambridge University in 1968; that same year he co-founded the Portable Theatre Company with his friend Richard Bicat. Ironically he was to launch his writing career because the Company was left in the lurch by a playwright just four days before rehearsals were due to start. Hare jumped into the breach and penned a short satirical piece on the unlikelihood of revolution in Britain. This rather hasty first attempt at writing turned out to be a resounding success; which inspired Hare to further writings.†¦show more content†¦This perception that those people within the Judiciary are out of touch; perhaps even oblivious to normal life is affirmed in Hare’s delivery of the discussion about fundraising for the Bar between Cuddeford, Sir Peter and Irene. â€Å"We started fund-raising for a campaign about 4 days ago.† â€Å"How much have you raised?† â€Å"One million† â€Å"That sounds an auspicious start. One million?† David Hare has the ability to elicit extremes of sentiment from his audience; as succinctly as he alludes to the pomposity of the members of the Judiciary, he provokes sympathy and empathy in equal measures for Gerard, the ‘would be’ villain of the piece. The audience become privy to Gerard’s thoughts in a stream of consciousness as he stands awaiting the verdict of the Jury at his trial. What they see is a rather scruffy youth with long unkempt hair; however his thoughts are in fact eloquent and emotive; eliciting from the audience a certain amount of sympathy for his predicament. â€Å"Finally I get it, yes, it is happening, these men, every one of them silver haired, judicious, informed, they will go home to their wives, to wine in fine glasses and gossip of the Bar, they will walk the streets and complain about their lives, and I...And I† Hare shows that despite appearances; here stands a young man who can look around him and identify the reality of the situation. What is more he isShow MoreRelatedProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 PagesConventional accounting reports do not show the cost effects of these technical decisions until it is too late to reconsider. We would need to provide the project manager with cost commitment reports at each decision state to enable him or her to judge when costs are getting out of control. Only by receiving such timely cost commitment reports, could the project manager take needed corrective actions and be able to approximate the cost effect of each technical decision. Providing all these reports